We believe talent is universal but opportunities are not. Through our Network of nine locally-run Affiliates, we are helping youth build their futures through training tailored to what the market demands.

Key Metrics

youth connected to the world of work
of Job-Track Graduates have been placed in jobs
local and global companies have hired EFE graduates

We Create Opportunities For Youth

MENA remains the hardest place in the world for a young person to find a job, with 30% of youth unemployed. This high unemployment rate is more than double the global average of 13%.

Connecting Women To Jobs

Only 18% of women in the Arab world participate in the labor force, the lowest rate in the world. Women’s exclusion costs the region $575 billion a year.

Training & Supporting Refugees

There are over 26 million refugees in the world. MENA generates and hosts the majority of them.

Accelerating Entrepreneurship

MENA has the fewest entrepreneurs in the world, yet they are the main job creators in the region. Entrepreneurs could create up to 8 million jobs in the region by 2025, if funded.

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