Hope Works

Since launching operations in 2006, the EFE Network has connected over 145,000 youth to the world of work across the Middle East and North Africa. And it’s only the beginning: our graduates help to uplift their families, improving the lives of an estimated 384,000 individuals. Over 3,770 companies in the region benefit from the dynamic energy and skills of EFE alumni, as well.


Rana was in the first class of Palestine graduates. Now over 10 years later, she’s built a career with the skills she gained.

Farah couldn't find any opportunities in Jordan. This training course allowed her to strengthen her English and computer skills. She has also learned how to start her own business.

Hadeel graduated as a civil engineer but couldn't find employment. She participated in EFE's training to expand her knowledge in other fields and hone her softskills. After training, she attended EFE's Job Fair where she found employment.

Iman spent 5 years looking for employment. Beyond learning how to effectively communicate in the workplace, EFE helped connect Iman to a job in the service industry.

Majd was unemployed after graduating university. Through EFE'S Retail Sales Training she gained the skills needed to excel in her field and successfully gained employment.

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