How We Make an Impact

Here’s how we create economic opportunities for unemployed youth in the Middle East and North Africa. First, we analyze local labor markets and talk to employers to understand where there is demand for entry-level employees, and what skills they need. Then, we create targeted youth training programs that link youth to employment or the wider world of work. Partnerships with thousands of companies, education institutions, and foundations enable us to offer job placements and other follow-on support to our graduates.

Our Programs

Job Placement Training

Job Placement Training is our globally-recognized core model.

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Our entrepreneurship programs prepare youth to become self-employed or start micro enterprises, and connect alumni to follow-up support.

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Pathways to a Job

These short-term programs give youth the tools they need to undertake a successful job search.

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Alumni Engagement

Our alumni engagement programs provide opportunities for continuing professional development, networking, and community volunteerism.

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