EFE's Andrew Baird Speaks on an Expert Panel Convened by the Wilson Center to Analyze the Impact of COVID-19 on the MENA Labor Market

In this recorded video conference linked below, Andrew discusses with a panel hosted by the Wilson Center the effects of COVID-19 revealing deep digital gender divides in MENA. Will COVID-19 have a lasting impact on the MENA labor force? According to EFE President & CEO Andrew Baird, "When people talk about returning to normal, if we return to the past as normal, I think we'll have missed a real opportunity here to make some of the changes that can move us forward."

From more engagement between the private sector and educational systems to the implementation of women-friendly policies, hear what a collaboration of ideas from bright minds speaking on this global pandemic and its impact on MENA workforces.

"We like to say that talent is universal, but opportunity is not. What we need to do is make sure that the energies that are being focused at this COVID time and post-COVID are creating those opportunities and are laying the groundwork and being strategic so that youth have the opportunities."

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