The Lodestar Foundation Contributes to EFE's New Acceleration Fund

EFE is pleased to announce the launch of our Acceleration Fund. The Fund is raising investments to achieve this year’s priorities for our 2025 Strategy, including new curricula for emerging jobs, alumni opportunities, technology, innovation, communications, and optimizing coordinated performance across the EFE Network.

We thank the Lodestar Foundation for its generous contribution to the Acceleration Fund that will advance these goals. Jerry Hirsch, Chairman of the Lodestar Foundation, explained, "The mission of the Lodestar Foundation is to do the most good with the least amount of philanthropic resources. Two of the best strategies to accomplish that mission are to invest in education and to invest in job opportunities. EFE maximizes philanthropic resources by combining both strategies, and their success has been demonstrated by the impact it has already had on more than 100,000 youth and their families throughout the Middle East. So we've invested in EFE because it so meaningfully and powerfully supports our mission."