Philanthropy Age Profiles EFE Founder & Chair Ron Bruder

Education For Employment (EFE) Founder & Chair Ron Bruder was interviewed in the most recent issue of Philanthropy Age, released in November.

Philanthropy Age is a leading, bilingual source for philanthropic news analysis across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Published quarterly in both Arabic and English, in print and online, the magazine has become a major platform for inspiring philanthropists across the globe. The November issue focused specifically around the themes of education, vocational training and job creation – EFE’s core areas of expertise.

Bruder touched on a number of issues in his interview, ranging from how he originally developed the idea for EFE to its growing operations across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). He mentioned that some EFE affiliates were approaching a “tipping point” where “[EFE is] not only training [its] own graduates but helping government training centers in the country do a better job.” “If we can continue on that route,” Bruder said, “We can change the way education is dealt with in the country.”

In the end, Bruder hoped to motivate other philanthropists to make similar concrete commitments to addressing challenging global issues. Noting that he was “working harder than he ever did in the for-profit sector,” the EFE Founder still stressed a love for all of the inspiration that EFE has provided. “When you go into a room and see hundreds of kids who at one point were never going to get jobs, had no self-esteem or self-respect and were angry and frustrated… now they’re reborn, and it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of that.”

Philanthropy Age’s entire issue can be found online, by clicking here.