EFE-Yemen's Mustaqbal Project

In partnership with the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY), and Al Waleed Philanthropies (AP), Mustaqbal provides in-demand job skills training for Yemeni youth and helps them to find employment opportunities in Aden, Yemen.

Implemented by EFE-Global, Mustaqbal targets young graduates, graduating students, and aspiring entrepreneurs and supports them to take the first steps toward a job. It offers job training and placement courses to prepare youth for success in the workplace, employability skills training to equip university students with the skills they need to find their first jobs, and self-employment training for youth to become self-employed in an in-demand field. Over 700 youths were supported through this project, exceeding initial objectives.

The project provided world-class training in work readiness skills, financial literacy, and local business laws. Further, it provided technical training and apprenticeship opportunities for youth to gain hands-on experience. On the employers’ side, EFE-Yemen has secured key employer partnerships to provide youth with tangible opportunities upon graduation. The Aden First Bank, Alsaad Company as well as the Aden Hospital are among those who have committed to hiring youth.

The project has built a solid reputation: youth in Aden and surrounding areas continue to reach out to EFE to join the training programs, perceived as a gateway into the job market. “I was lucky to join EFE’s training program under the Mustaqbal project. The training equipped me with skills employers require and paved the way for me to find a job. I became more self-confident and determined to reach my goals - and it raised my morale to help me overcome obstacles of the past.” -Nadia Yosef, Alumna