EFE Welcomes First Graduate Board Member

In October 2018, EFE-Global welcomed Mohammad Shishtawi as the first EFE Alumnus Board Member. The appointment reflects Mr. Shishtawi’s significant achievements and EFE’s belief in the distinctive value that youth contribute to organizations. He currently serves as a Quality Assurance Officer for Pharmacy One, the largest pharmacy chain in Jordan. Mr. Shishtawi assumed the role in 2016 after graduating from EFE-Jordan. Since graduating and becoming employed, he has engaged in his community and with the media as an advocate and champion of youth employment. Mr. Shishtawi volunteers as an inspirational speaker at EFE-Jordan events, and at Injaz he has delivered trainings to equip seventh grade students with skills to contribute positively to society. Mr. Shishtawi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from The Hashemite University.