EFE-Saudi Hold a Personal Career Development Workshop

EFE-Saudi's Personal Career Development workshop took place online on Sunday and Monday, 6-7th of September 2020. The workshop gathered 25 EFE alumni’s who 59% of them had from 1 – 2 years of work experience. They were invited to reconnect and refresh EFE’s impact on alumni’s work career. The event has accomplished its goal by having alumni’s re-connect and educate them on their career development options.

Alumni learned how to evaluate their current career situation and were encouraged to determine future developmental steps. They had a closer look at their values and the correlation between what they believe in and the type of work they have chosen for their careers. Goal setting and techniques to stay away from distractions were covered, along with checking obstacles of career development and how to overcome them.

The Alumni shared their positive feedback on the event, Rayan Subhi stated: “Thanks for the enlightening workshop, it helped me understand where I’m standing in my career”. Samar Ismail also mentioned: “I am very lucky to have been part of such a great workshop, I am now aware of my next steps for developing myself”.

Upon assessing the workshop, 100% of the attendees were highly satisfied with the training content and imparting knowledge.