EFE-Palestine launches a pilot of EFE's fourth pillar focused on Alumni.

A key focal area in EFE’s 2025 Strategic Plan is an Alumni Engagement Initiative aimed to engage and activate EFE’s substantial alumni community. The overarching objective is to expand and enhance services to EFE’s 130,000 alumni through training, networking and the provision of relevant information, as well as to harness the power of this alumni base to further EFE’s mission.

EFE has developed the EFE Mentorship Program, which aims to engage graduates, connecting them with a pool of volunteer mentors drawn from corporate partners, local employer partners and EFE alumni. The program will form a key aspect of alumni engagement that gives participants an opportunity to receive objective but also personalized feedback and provides a confidential, non-threatening area to express ideas, questions, and concerns, which in turn encourages diversity of thought and a deeper understanding of values and leadership. The benefits of mentoring are vast, for both the person being mentored, the person doing the mentoring, and the organizations at which they work. Mentoring relationships have been shown to accelerate career growth, and increase job satisfaction and performance.

EFE has launched a pilot of the Mentorship Program in December of 2021. The pilot targets recent graduates of EFE-Palestine’s JTP, FJIJ, and entrepreneurship programs. Twenty-three EFE-Palestine graduates have been matched with mentors across the MENA region and will begin the first of twelve mentorship sessions virtually. The pilot is set to last six months and will be the foundation for a network-wide Mentorship Program to be launched in 2022.

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The first EFE Mentor Orientation, held on November 30, 2021.