EFE-Egypt's Matchmaking Event in Alexandria

Education For Employment-Egypt is proud to have convened a matchmaking event for its graduates in Alexandria in cooperation with the Vocational Training and Employment Center - VTEC (Arabic) and the School to Work Transitions Unit of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Education. The matchmaking event took place at the Alexandria Advanced Vocational School and was attended by a number of companies and business owners. The event aimed at connecting EFE-Egypt graduates to employers with vacancies.

Nora Abou El Seoud, EFE-Egypt CEO, gave the opening speech to inspire youth to start their journey to success. She also gave her valuable insight into a number of the projects being presented at the event.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between EFE-Egypt and the Vocational Training and Employment Center (VTEC) on the occasion of the matchmaking event, in recognition of VTEC’s standing positive involvement as a strategic institutional partner.

Additionally, a graduation ceremony celebrated the participants in EFE-Egypt’s entrepreneurship program.

The matchmaking event took place under the auspices of the Trafigura Foundation’s generous grant.