“I met people who made me optimistic, and made me the source of other people’s optimism."

Kirollos was always ambitious. And he was always smart. However, as the main provider for his family in Imbaba, Cairo, earning a salary always outweighed his professional dreams. Kirollos was still in high school when he began working on informal, low-paying jobs; the same jobs that would later prevent him from obtaining a university degree. “I blew off everything because I needed to get money for us to live. I did not feel like I could amount to anything.” It was when Kirollos applied to EFE-Egypt’s Job Placement Training Program that his life took a positive turn. The program helped Kirollos uncover skills and ideas that he never thought he had, and showed him how to confidently present them. When he finished the program, he knew exactly how to showcase his experience on a CV and a job interview. So it’s no surprise that Kirollos was soon hired as a Content Associate at — Egypt’s largest e-Commerce company. Nearly four years later, he now leads a design team and continues to rise at the company. With a new set of skills provided by EFE-Egypt, and new set of goals product of his own ambition, the future looks bright for Kirollos and his family.

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