One of the first affiliates in the EFE Network, Palestine EFE (PEFE) was founded in 2006 and registered as an NGO in Palestine in 2009 to provide demand-driven training for youth with limited opportunity.  PEFE operates in the West Bank and Gaza.  In addition to training young Palestinian women and men in EFE's core job placement programming, PEFE also trains university students in job search and employability skills, and trains aspiring entrepreneurs in the Intel Learn curriculum and provides startup support.


Mazen Sinokrot
Chairman, PEFE
Chair & CEO, Sinokrot Global Group (SGG);
Former Minister of National Economy

Dr. Samih Al Abid
Advisor, Palestine Investment Fund
Former Minister of Public Works & Housing

Azzam A. Shawwa
GM, Palestine Commercial Bank
Former Minister of Energy

Dr. Hiba I. Husseini
Senior Attorney & Managing Partner, Husseini & Husseini;
Former Vice-Chair, Palestine Securities Exchange

Dr. Sabri Saidem
Advisor to the Palestinian President on Telecommunications
Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology

Samer Said Khoury
President Engineering & Construction, Consolidated Contractors Corporation (CCC)

Nafez Husseini
Vice President, ICT & Digital Business, Consolidated Contractors Corporation (CCC)

Hashim Shawa
Chairman & GM, Bank of Palestine, PLC

Ron Bruder
Founder & Chair, EFE-Global

Jamie McAuliffe
President & CEO, EFE-Global




Training Courses

Workplace Success Training: A successful professional skills curriculum created in collaboration with McGraw Hill that teaches participants how to get and keep a first job. In the highly interactive course, students are guided in overarching workplace principles such as work ethic, communication, self-confidence, and leadership. They engage in detailed lessons on daily challenges like how to prepare a CV, interact with customers, work in teams, and manage time.

Business English Training: A comprehensive course offered in cooperation with Amideast for fresh graduates who need to be able to understand and use business English to enhance their competitiveness in the job market and workplace. The course offers a realistic, informative, and accessible approach to business concepts underpinned by a thorough and carefully developed language syllabus. Participants enhance their English language skills in areas such as grammar, reading, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking in a business-related context. 


Technical Training

Training that focuses on different specializations, including:

  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Installation Standards and Regulations
  • Hotel Management
  • Marketplace Simulation – Mini MBA
  • IT training (MYSQL, PHP)
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Accounting Software Systems
  • Sales Management


Finding a Job Is a Job (FJIJ)

ManpowerGroup has provided EFE with access to its “Finding a Job is a Job” curriculum, a core work-readiness course that focuses on the skills and discipline needed to conduct an effective job search. The program consists of direct training classes supplemented by take-home and independent exercises and activities.


Job Placement

PEFE operates through a unique business model that is based on assessing labor market needs and understanding the skills and competencies that are most valued by employers. It thus customizes its training programs to meet labor market requirements.

PEFE’s training programs equip graduates with the necessary skills needed to start their careers by developing their communication skills, teamwork, leadership, C.V. writing, interviewing, and ability to retain their jobs.

After the completion of training, PEFE connects graduates with employers that seek to employ qualified entry-level staff. In addition, PEFE conducts career days and outreach events that bring together graduates and employers.



The Youth Entrepreneurship Program provides young people with specialized training and technical assistance in entrepreneurship. The program launched in 2012, capitalizing on the unique skill sets of aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging entrepreneurial ambition and helping them to create companies that address the needs of the expanding Palestinian economy, particularly in Construction, Agriculture, Green Energy, and Information Technology sectors.

Using the Intel® Learn Technology and Entrepreneurship curriculum, PEFE’s training provides hands-on training that introduces the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, shows how technology can be used to advance a business idea, and provides instruction on business writing to support trainees in creating and presenting a business plan.  PEFE complements the Intel curriculum with training in EFE’s Workplace Success curriculum to help participants develop the professional and soft skills necessary for success as an entrepreneur. Ultimately, trainees develop a complete investment plan for the proposed business.

The program works with Palestinian entrepreneurs ages 18-32 with innovative ideas who are looking for professional and financial guidance to help them realize their dream of starting their own business.

The Entrepreneurship program improves the future prospects for skilled Palestinian workers and broadens their career opportunities, ultimately producing a larger number of employment opportunities for Palestinians.



In addition to job placement, program graduates can access 3-5 month internship opportunities at local companies. Internships, through companies supported by the UNRWA and the Welfare Association, provide graduates with the chance to apply the knowledge and the skills they gained from the training in a professional setting. In many instances, the internships result in permanent jobs.


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Saro Nakashian, CEO

Saro Nakashian is a seasoned management and marketing expert with over 20 years of experience developing and managing programs that build the marketing and management capabilities of individuals and organizations to succeed. Mr. Nakashian has designed several programs for entrepreneurial training for young entrepreneurs and SME owners. As the General Director for Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE), as well as through his previous positions as Senior Management and Marketing Analyst with the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) of Birzeit University and other positions, he has worked across multiple sectors, from public health to private industry, and has substantial experience managing technical development assistance, including but not limited to EU, UNIDO, UNRWA, WB and USAID.

He speaks fluent English, Armenian and Arabic, holds a B.sc. in Management, MBA concentration marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University an M.Phil in HR and Entrepreneurship from the Maastricht School of Management the Netherlands.  Mr. Nakashian is also the Chairman of the Board Juzoor Foundation, Board Member WorldVision Jerusalem, and East Jerusalem YMCA.


Palestine Education for Employment
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