Thursday, 29 September 2016 00:00

SAHWA Project Event on “Youth Unemployment in the Arab Mediterranean Countries: Matching labour supply and demand”

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Education in the Arab Mediterranean countries (AMCs) not only does not guarantee employment, but in many countries could be increasing the chances of being unemployed. In some places, unemployment among female diploma- holders surpasses 90%. As the AMCs become more involved in the global economy, new skills are demanded, but regional educational systems are failing to prepare students to successfully find and maintain a decent job. Companies are reportedly struggling to find skilled workers to fill vacancies. This, combined with other factors, has led to a severe youth unemployment crisis with which the region’s economies are struggling to cope, pushing many young people to seek opportunities elsewhere.

How can we solve this major skills gap? What are the most demanded skills? What can be done to match AMCs’ vast labour supply with labour demand? How is youth unemployment in the AMCs affecting migration patterns worldwide?

To address these and other questions, on September 29 EuropEFE organised in Madrid a high-level seminar with government representatives from Spain and Arab Mediterranean countries, academics and the business community. For more information, check