Aldo Olcese Santonja

  • Chairman of the Board

Mr. Olcese is Doctor “Cum Laude” in Economics and Business at the Autónoma University of Madrid, Member of the Royal Academy of Economics and Chairman of Fincorp Mediacion (Merchant Bankers). He is also a board member of AC Hotels, founder of the investment fund Kincubator, Senior Advisor of N+1 Investment Bankers and Independent Director of the National Council for Corporate Social Responsibility.  Previously, Mr. Olcese served as Chairman of Societé Generale Bank, Deutsche Telekom-TSystems and Bain&Co in Spain and sat on the board of Ericsson.  Mr. Olcese also served as Chairman of the Spanish Institute for Financial Analysts and the Financial Studies Foundation.

Mr. Olcese was awarded the Civil Merit Highest Cross by H.R.M. the King of Spain, recognizing his special contribution to the good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.  In addition, he has received honors including the Grande Ufficiale dell’Ordine del Mèrito by the Republic of Italy, the Commander of the Order of Wissam Al-Alaoui by the Royal Throne of Morocco, and the Commander of the Order of Civil Merit by the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.  Nominated by “Dirigentes” as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, he also received the “Golden Award” from the Foro de Alta Dirección.

André Azoulay

  • Advisor to King Mohammed VI, Kingdom of Morocco

André Azoulay is adviser to King Mohammed VI of Morocco. He previously advised Mohammed's father, King Hassan II. He currently presides over the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures and he is also member of the Committee of Wise Men for the Alliance of Civilizations at the United Nations. He is the President of the Foundation for the Three Cultures and the Three Religions, administrator of the Mediterranean Forum and of Shimon Peres’ Center for Peace, Mr. Azoulay currently enjoys an aura that made him becoming a figure of the Mediterranean and the Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue in Europe as well as in the Maghreb and the Middle East.

Ricardo Diez Hochleitner

  • Honorary President, Executive Committee member, Club of Rome

Mr. Diez-Hochleitner is currently Honorary President of the Club of Rome and member of its Executive Committee as well as Honorary President of its Spanish Chapter. He also serves as advisor to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and is a member of the Board of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace, the Bertelsmann Foundation Spain and the Foundation for the Future as well as a member of the Advisory Committee of FRIDE. Mr. Diez-Hochleitner has been a university professor in Salamanca and Bogota, Inspector General for Industrial Professional Education in Spain, General Coordinator of the Ministry of Education in Colombia and Principal Education Advisor for the Organization of American States. He also served as Director for the Department of Investments in Education at the World Bank, and Director of the Department of Educational Policies and Reforms at UNESCO. Mr. Diez-Hochleitner has also been Technical Secretary-General, later Under Secretary of State for Education and Science, in Spain. Furthermore, he has been Vice President of the Fundación Santillana and of the holding Timón, as well as Board member of PRISA. He is a Full Member of the Real Academia de Ciencias Económicas y Financieras of Spain.

Trinidad Jiménez García-Herrera

  • Member of Spanish Parliament

Trinidad Jiménez García-Herrera is a Spanish politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs beginning in 2010, and as Minister of Health and Social Policy under PM Rodríguez Zapatero in 2009. Elected Secretary of Social Policy of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party PSOE, Jiménez entered Parliament in April 2008, working on Commissions of Equality, Disability, Health and Foreign Affairs. She has been responsible for political relations with America in the Office of International Affairs of the PSOE and served as Secretary of State for Latin America since 2006 to 2009. In 2000 Mrs. Jiménez was elected Secretary of the International Policy Committee of the PSOE Federal Executive, and was reelected to the office in 2004.

Mary Goudie

  • Baroness, Senior Member of the British House of Lords

Baroness Mary Goudie is a senior member of the British House of Lords and a global advocate for the rights of women and children. She is involved in promoting gender equity with both the G8 and G20 and is also the Chair of the Women Leaders’ Council to Fight Human Trafficking at the United Nations.  She is actively engaged in numerous philanthropic organisations including her role as a member of the Executive and Board of Directors of Vital Voices Global Partnership. In this role she has been involved in training community and business leaders and parliamentarians.

In the UK she is a founding member of the 30% Club steering committee, which aims to influence chairman into bringing more women onto UK corporate boards. She is also a trustee of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, based in the US, whose aims are to foster interfaith dialogue and to establish common ground and solutions to global challenges affecting mankind.  She shares perspectives on her blog -

Diego Hidalgo

  • Co-founder, member of the board, El Pais

Dr. Hidalgo is a co-founder and member of the board of El Pais, the leading Spanish daily newspaper. He is also the President of FRIDE and DARA Evaluation, Founder of the Club of Madrid and the Toledo International Center for Peace. Dr. Hidalgo is also President and Founder of the Foundation Los Santos de Maimona; Advisor of the United Nations Commission on “Legal Empowerment of the Poor”; Founding member and Senior Fellow of the Gorbachev Foundation of North America (GFNA) and member of the Advisory Committee of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. He is a Board Member of PRISA, SOGECABLE and SER. He recently founded the European Council for Foreign Relations with George Soros.

Jose Manuel Romero Moreno

  • Count of Fontao; Lawer, Romero Moreno Abogados

Mr. Romero is the Count of Fontao, and the External Legal Advisor of the Royal House of Spain. He is professor in Legal, Moral and Political Philosophy at the School of Law of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and senior partner of Romero Moreno Abogados. Mr. Romero is President of the Fundación Consejo Español del Refugiados and a member of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Winterthur, Fundación Pedro Álvarez de Toledo, Fundación Comité Español United World Colleges and FRIDE. He is also legal advisor of Fundación Caja de Madrid, Fundación Caixa Galicia, Fundación Pedro Barrie de la Maza, Colegio de Registradores, Md Anderson y Scherzo. He is a member of the Boards of the Fundación Rafael del Pino and of the Patrimonio Nacional.

Raniero Vanni d'Archirafi

  • Former member of the European Commission

Raniero Vanni d'Archirafi is an Italian diplomat who has been a member of the European Commission between 1993 and 1995.With no political affiliation, in 1984 he was appointed ambassador for his country in Spain, a position he held up until 1987, when he was transferred to the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1989 he was appointed General Director of Economic Affairs in the government of Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, becoming in 1991 General Director of Political Affairs. In 1992 the new Prime Minister Giuliano Amato named him Italian representative in the formation of the Delors Commission III, where he was appointed European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, position he shared with the German Martin Bangemann. He was also named European Commissioner for Institutional Reform and European Commissioner for Enterprise and left European politics at the end of his mandate to the Commission in January 1995.

Ambassador Dr. Henning Wegener

  • Former German Ambassador to Spain; Member, Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados

Former German Ambassador to Spain, Dr. Henning Wegener is member of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados (Madrid); Honorary President of the Advisory Council; Chairman of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Information Security of the World Federation of Scientists; Managing Director of AEMEC (the Spanish Association for the Defense of Minority Shareholders); Member of the Board of Directors of Euroshareholders and Member of the Club of Rome. He holds distinctions from various countries, among others the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, and he is author of several publications in the field of foreign and security policy, currently with emphasis on cybersecurity.

Salvatore Nigro

  • CEO

Prior to joining Fundación Educación Para el Empleo (EuropEFE), Salvatore Nigro was the Director of the Advocacy Department of the Glocal Forum. He is used to negotiating, mediating and facilitating at the highest levels of national and international institutions. He has experience working both with governmental offices such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with non-governmental organizations and in multicultural, multi-linguistic environments. Mr. Nigro holds a BA in International Political Science and a MA in International Studies from the LUISS University in Rome. He obtained a Master in Business Administration with Distinction from the University of Malta.

Carlos Valdés Sauras

  • Corporate Outreach Coordinator

Carlos Valdés Sauras has worked at the Club de Madrid in project management. Previously, he worked for different international organizations such as UNOPS and the EuropeAid Office of the European Commission on the learning and knowledge management field. He also acted as Commercial Advisor in Syria for the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain and as project manager for different Spanish NGOs. He is a Lawyer and has the researcher status within a PhD on Human Rights. He also holds a Master in Business Administration and a Master on International Cooperation.

Dina Dandachli

  • Project Coordinator

Born in Barcelona (Spain) of Lebanese descent, Dina lived and studied in Beirut for 9 years and is fluent 5 languages, including Arabic, French and English. She holds a BS Degree in Environmental Sciences and has advanced studies in International Relations, Euro-Mediterranean relations and international development cooperation.  Prior to joining EuropEFE, she worked for over seven years at different international and non-profit organisations, including the Club de Madrid, UNDP Burkina Faso, Fundación Nantik Lum and the Autónoma University of Madrid.

Paola Manfredi

  • Development Officer

Paola previously worked in a variety of NGO's including  Assistencia Legal para los Derechos Humanos (D.F. Mexico) and  Asamblea de Cooperación Por la Paz (Valencia Delegation), where she developed project management and fundraising skills. Prior to joining  EuropEFE she also worked at the International Relations Office of the University of Turin where she carried out administration and accounting projects in administration.  Paola holds an Master's degree in Human Rights Defense from the University of Turin, and a Bachelor's degree in International and Diplomatic Relations from University of Naples “L’Orientale."

Aurora San Juan Sánchez

  • Executive Assistant

Prior to joining Fundación Educación Para el Empleo (EuropEFE), Aurora San Juan worked as executive assistant to the CEO of the BBVA Inservex bank and to the Director General of the International Agency for Energy Products. Ms. SanJuan has also worked for GSS service provider for the Banco Popular. She has extensive international experience working with both the banking and the client services sector.