EFE Infographic Pathways

The youth unemployment challenge that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) faces cannot be attributed to a simple lack of education in the region. Rather, one of the primary factors in the region’s 26% youth unemployment rate is the disconnect between the curriculum offered by secondary and tertiary education, and the skills demanded by local employers.

EFE’s “Pathways to a Job” training bridges the gap between educational institutions and the job market through various “light touch” programs.

Trainings like “Finding a Job is a Job” focus on the skills and discipline required to conduct an effective job search, and the “Musharaka” program emphasizes civic engagement and results in an internship with non-profits operating locally in the communities of EFE’s trainees.

The Pathways program model enables EFE to reach large numbers of youth who may be unaware of job opportunities in their region and equip them with the tools necessary for a successful job search. These skills range from how to write a CV and prepare a cover letter, to how deliver a strong interview.

By forming partnerships with public universities on the ground in countries such as Morocco and Tunisia, EFE is enhancing the capacity of local education institutions to inde- pendently deliver employment-relevant training in the future.